English for Employment Session

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This course helps you with the language you need to find a job and successfully function in the workplace.

You’ll watch videos and listen to audio recordings of people searching and applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, taking interviews, starting their new job, and working with new colleagues.
We will examine some of the language used and will draw your attention to useful points that will help you improve your English in workplace contexts.
This session offers functional language phrases and real, authentic workplace scenarios.

What topics will you cover?
1- Finding a job

– What do you want from a job?
– Talking about likes and dislikes.
– Talking about your job.
– Job advertisements.
– Applying for a job.

2- Interviews

– Preparing for job interviews.
– The business language.
– Talking about your skills and experience.
– Interview technique.

3- Starting a job

– Talking about job offers.
– Operation Management.
– Rules and regulations at work.

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