Golden Decorative Ribbon

Golden Decorative Ribbon

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Advantages and Features

- DIY Decoration

- Self-Adhesive

- Peel and Stick, Easy to Use

- Floor Wall Stairs Seam Sealing Tape Foil Gap Tape Cover Stickers

- Floor Crevice Line Sticker Paper Wall Gaps

- Gap Sealing Foil Tape/Sticker

- Waterproof and Beautiful Brushed Seam Stickers

✪ It is very suitable for wall decoration, floor decoration, product surface has waterproof function, very convenient to clean, lets you keep your home clean and tidy at all times.

✪ With strong back glue, Easy to install on a smooth, dust-free wall/floor. Just remove the decorative wall sticker and paste it where you want it. Can also be pasted with double-sided tape

✪The tile gap sealing tape strip is made of polyester resin material, has good plasticity and high toughness is very durable, and has a long service life.

easy to past photo

✪Wire drawing process, more texture, shiny and bright color, Add a water shield in the surface layer of the product, has the function to prevent water and moist, just use duster cloth to clean dirty

✪ Apply to wall decoration, floor decoration, glasses decoration, decorations of skirting line and waistline

Beautiful Sewing Stickers, start your ideal home life, You can DIY according to your preference!

Simple to stick on any surface, can change the bald white floor and other boring types, give your home an entirely new look.

Redecorate and upgrade your space by applying TILE ART in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. Mix and match the different designs to create a unique atmosphere.

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